Flexible coverage for today and tomorrow

Nationwide announces that August 27th they launched a new life insurance product, Nationwide® No-Lapse Guarantee UL II.

Nationwide® No-Lapse Guarantee UL II is a flexible, competitively-priced product that offers clients:

– Choice in coverage terms — to age 70 or age 120, with the option to extend from age 70 to age 120 later

– A return of premium feature — with two windows during which the policyowner can surrender the policy for a portion of the premiums paid (up to 100%)

– A cash indemnity long-term care (LTC) rider — offering benefits that give clients the ability to use the money as they see fit — even for informal care from friends and famil.


Contact your BGA for more details.

MY Principal Lifestyle

How it’s impacting customer experience and policyholder interaction:

Users download the mobile application to their smartphone and share activity data from any number of devices or apps like Fitbit, Apple Watch, MapMyRun, etc. They earn points based on their activity, which includes walking, climbing stairs or bicycling. If they’re an eligible policyholder, they can redeem the points for gift cards from 20 leading retailers including Starbucks, Amazon and Target. We also provide challenges and quizzes that they can complete for points. Early results show we’re interacting with policyholders at a rate that far exceeds our normal interactions through annual statements, policy correspondence or policyholder transaction requests.

Contact your BGA for more information.