Now these are good terms!

Term Conversion Plus may be just
what your clients need!
If you have clients who are interested in life insurance protection and a relatively affordable and effective way to pay for potential long-term care costs, now is the time to act. That’s because AXA has lowered the rates for Term 20 and have extended the Term Conversion Plus program through the end of 2018. See where they are the best, contact your BGA today.

Automated Underwriting

Mutual of Omaha will soon offer Automated Underwriting on the e-Application for Living
Promise® Final Expense. You can deliver instant underwriting decisions to your clients and a faster application process. Contact your BGA to learn more.

Life doesn’t stand still

Neither should your client’s Life Insurance coverage.

Any client can and should benefit from a policy review every three to five years, as well as following any major lifestyle changes. Contact your BGA to do a policy review.

Need one? Take Two

Contact your BGA to learn more abut the AIG:

Non-Med IUL Above & Beyond: an increasing death benefit combined with chronic illness protection, still offering non-med, plus added growth potential

Non-Med IUL on a Budget: lower face amount options to provide your client innovative non-med IUL coverage with our chronic illness rider, even on a budget

Let’s work it out together!


Managing your tax bracket – See how life insurance cash value can potentially help your clients supplement their retirement income without raising their tax rate.
Supplementing retirement income using life insurance – Learn how clients can enhance their retirement income for just dollars a day, and still leave a death benefit for loved ones. Let your BGA help you find the right AXA strategy with clients.

Performance Under Pressure

Considering a protection-focused IUL for your GUL clients? Concerns about the “guarantee-to-age” differences? Would, an IUL, even a protection-focused one, be conservative enough for them?

Contact your BGA today to discover answers to those questions and more.

John Hancock Vitality on all products.

Now all flagship products include Vitality!
For the first time, you can help all your clients live longer, healthier lives with two great versions of the John Hancock Vitality Program. Vitality GO  is included on all our flagship policies at  no additional cost , and  Vitality PLUS  is an enhanced version of the program you already know.


Now, it’s easier than ever for you to:

  • Present Vitality on all your cases
  • Give all your clients the type of life insurance they prefer
  • Sell and recommend John Hancock Vitality
  • Differentiate yourself in the marketplace

Learn more about why John Hancock Vitality is the life insurance solution clients recommend 2X as often as traditional policies. Contact your BGA Today to learn more.

Principal Lowered rates to help boost your sales.

Principal is always looking to help you deliver more affordable protection for your clients. That’s why we’ve lowered our Principal® Term rates for many age ranges and underwriting classes for the second time this year. Help clients meet their personal and business needs with these competitively priced life insurance solutions. Contact your GA today for details