Select a Term gets better with age!

Because of you, we’re 100 years strong- and we’re celebrating with our lowest term rates in years. As of February 19th, AIG Select-a-Term gets even more competitive! This reprice focuses on improving rates for longer term durations and death benefit amounts $250k+ for certain issue ages and risk classes. Contact your GA to learn more

Value Protection IUL ranks #1 among the competition

Securian Financial’s new Value Protection Indexed Universal Life (IUL) tops the charts with the most affordable premiums across a variety of ages – compared to our top competitors.¹

Additional Value Protection IUL benefits:

§  Built-in no-lapse guarantee

§  Simple, no frills design

§  Backed by our financial strength²

See how Value Protection IUL can help you win more business! Contact your BGA today.

Pacific Life Promise GUL

Guaranteed death benefits protection at an affordable price.

There’s a growing opportunity for life insurance protection among the middle market. For Clients seeking affordable guaranteed death protection for their families or businesses, or a potentially more affordable alternative to whole life insurance.

Contact you GA for more information on the PL Promise GUL.

Protective 2019 Accelerated Death Benefit Increase for ExtendCare

ExtendCare is an optional rider that allows clients to advance their policy’s death benefit to use for any potential chronic illness needs. Should the insured become chronically ill1 as certified by a licensed physician, the policy death benefit can be accessed after a waiting period of 90 days.2 This rider is only available at policy issue for applicants between the ages of 20 – 80, at an additional cost. Contact your GA to learn more.

Nationwide Intelligent Underwriting

Nationwide Intelligent Underwriting streamlines the life insurance application process for both you and your clients. It provides a faster, more efficient underwriting process with:

  • Faster time to an underwriting decision
  • Fewer attending physician statements and less need for additional underwriting requirements
  • An accelerated process for some of the healthiest clients, eliminating the need for exams or labs1
  • Less time spent on application paperwork, including the need to gather clients’ medical history

Contact your BGA for more information