Women are pretty amazing. Many are a family’s sole provider. Others are the stay-at-home parent who makes it all work. Others do it all, and do it well. No matter the role they fill, their worth cannot be overstated.
Despite their immeasurable value, many women still need protection for the people and life they love, and go through their hectic days without the comfort of life insurance. This is a problem you may be able to help them address, all while growing your business. Contact your BGA to learn more.

Time-consuming applications are a thing of the past

The life insurance industry has evolved and so have we – making the life insurance application process easier and faster than ever before.

Our WriteFit Underwriting program looks at both medical and non-medical information, giving us better insight into your clients’ overall mortality, allowing us to provide underwriting decisions in as little as 24 hours.

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Preserve their premium with benefits they can count on

A common concern about LTC coverage is the possibility that care will never be needed and premium money will go to waste. With Nationwide CareMatters® II advisors can help preserve a client’s premium – even if they don’t need long-term care (LTC).

That’s because Nationwide CareMatters II is a linked-benefit insurance policy that also provides a guaranteed death benefit, so your clients’ premium won’t be lost if they never need LTC. Contact your BGA for more information.

Competitive New Term Rates

New Term Rates Best value for your customers
Legal & General America is the competitive pricing leader offering the longest
term solution available in the market, with options for 10 – 40 years of coverage.

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John Hancock wants your large cases!

Building on years of experience in managing large cases, John Hancock offers a comprehensive range of expertise, capacity and product advantages to help you meet the needs of your high-net-worth clients.

  • Tap into exceptional service
  • Access industry-leading capacity
  • Stand out with unique product advantages

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Pay Less and Stress Less

John Hancock Vitality, always looking for ways to deliver the most value to our members. . That’s why we’re excited to announce that your clients’ FREE premium subscription to Headspace1 will now automatically renew every year  — at no cost and with no additional action required. This means your clients will pay less and stress less for years to come! Contact your BGA for more details.

Nationwide CareMatters II1: Now more accessible than ever

We’re excited to announce Nationwide CareMatters® II is now available with new pricing options that help make it a more competitive choice for long-term care (LTC) coverage. It’s the same cash indemnity plan you’re familiar with and offers more control over LTC benefits because Nationwide:

  • Places no restrictions on how clients use their benefits
  • Doesn’t require clients to submit monthly bills or receipts to receive their benefits

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Securian: How SecureCare works

SecureCare Universal Life (SecureCare) is a permanent life
insurance policy with cash indemnity long-term care (LTC)
benefits. This hybrid life/LTC product is ideal for individuals
wanting to:
• Maintain flexibility in deciding when and how they would like to receive care, should
they become chronically ill.
• Protect their assets from the costly expenses associated with care, particularly over
long periods of time.
• Leave a death benefit to loved ones after they die.
Understanding how SecureCare works will help your clients determine their options in
planning for their future long-term care needs.

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