Elevate your clients’ financial strategy

No tool can solve every problem. Our “Life Insurance as a Financial Tool,” or “LIFT” campaign, positions you to show clients why they should consider a variety of tools for their retirement strategy. Contact your BGA today to learn more about the Securian Financial tool.

Help women achieve their financial goals

Today, women are making more financial decisions than ever before—both as individuals and business owners. Many are looking for more information regarding options and strategies that can help them achieve their financial goals. Ask your BGA for information to help create a plan for your clients today.

Underwriting without medical exams

See which clients fit into WriteFit-Securian
Underwriting without medical exams or blood tests may seem impossible, but it isn’t. Our WriteFit program1 uses an alternative approach to assess risk by taking into account several behavioral aspects. To help you better understand this approach and our WriteFit program, contact your BGA today.