Why not help your clients get the life insurance protection they need without the invasive blood draws? You can offer your clients Transamerica LifetimeSM policies with face values up to $2 million.1
Fluidless underwriting can make the process of getting life insurance much easier for your clients. And Express Protect UnderwritingSM combined with the iGO e-App® could be a solution given the challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Investing in Quality Employees

A competitive benefits package can be critical to attracting and retaining talented employees. With as few as two employees, you can begin offering a comprehensive employee benefits program that aligns with both your business and human resources goals. And by incorporating opportunities for voluntary insurance products and services into your offerings, you can enhance benefits packages without increasing your budget. Contact your BGA today to see how OneAmerica can help.

New to working remote?

Resources that can help. Almost overnight, remote work has become mainstream. Companies around the world are encouraging their employees to work from home to prioritize the health and safety of their workforce and communities amid coronavirus. Working through this rapid change can be hard and we’re moving quickly to help members get information they can trust, stay connected to their community and learn now to be more productive and successful in their jobs.

Offering a Personal Key Person Solution with John Hancock

Recently a small business owner contacted his agent to discuss his financial planning. Recent events have led the client to think about retirement, as well as making sure that if something should happen to him, his family can get full-value for his business and be financially secure.
The agent reached out to the Advanced Markets team to discuss potential solutions. Based on the case details, the Advanced Markets Consultant (AMC) recommended a “personal key person” plan that can help protect the family if something happens to the small business owner, provide a supplemental retirement income if he lives beyond his current retirement assets, and serve as a source of funds should he experience unexpected expenses in retirement — especially if those expenses happen during another period of extreme market volatility.

Legal & General America A-List Term

A-List Term is a unique carve-out solution specifically designed for the institutional purchase of individual life insurance for highly-compensated employees. Making the case for A-List Term is easy, as you probably already have contacts in companies that want to provide their executives, partners and other highly paid employees with benefits more comprehensive than traditional group term.

BOLD with Securian Financial

Working with business owners to identify and plan for their business needs

BOLD (Business Owner Life-stage Design) is a ready-to-use system for financial professionals that provides:

  • Marketing materials and recommendations to help you get in front of business owner clients
  • Analysis tools to help a business owner identify and prioritize their financial concerns
  • Methods to identify strategies that help solve the business owner’s financial concerns
  • Confidence and empowerment to communicate advanced marketing strategies with your business owner clients