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John Hancock Vitality

Expanded Vitality face amounts

The maximum face amount for earning John Hancock Vitality credits and/or receiving premium discounts has increased from $20M to $30M.*

  • Perm customers can now earn policy credits on policies with face amounts up to $30M when they add the Vitality PLUS rider
  • Term customers can now purchase up to $30M in death benefit on Vitality Term or Protection Term with the Vitality PLUS rider

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Protective Indexed ChoiceSM UL Rate Changes

We are pleased to inform you that we will be increasing Protective Indexed Choice UL’s illustrated and loan charge rates so you can better serve your clients.

These rate changes will be available with Protective Indexed Choice UL illustrations beginning March 1, 2021 and are effective March 31, 2021.

  • The maximum illustrated rate will change from 5.14% to 5.17%
  • The loan charge rate will change from 4.64% to 4.67%

These positive changes prove to be just one reason why Protective Indexed Choice UL continues to be a solid, well-designed life insurance solution — meeting customers’ expectations and helping us deliver on our promises together.

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