Securian WriteFit

WriteFit just got a little easier to understand

We’ve heard feedback that WriteFit is hard to understand or advisors are unclear on where their clients will land with WriteFit.  To help provide answers and build familiarity we’ve launched a WriteFit landing page.  Here’s what you and your advisors will see:

  • Scenarios that would be approved and not approved through WriteFit
  • An overview of the WriteFit process
  • Frequently asked questions and answers
  • And options to login to the financial professional site to view research or start an application

Contact your BGA today to learn more.

New Assurity Whole Life Insurance

Effective January 15, 2020, the new Assurity Whole Life Insurance will be available in California. The current Accelerated Benefit Rider (R I0761), providing benefits for terminal illness, will be automatically included. Optional riders offered include the Level Term Rider, Children’s Term Rider, Guaranteed Insurability Rider and both Paid-Up Additions Riders for single and periodic premium. Other riders not yet approved include the Accidental Death Benefit Rider, Critical Illness Rider, Disability Waiver of Premium Rider, Payor Benefit Rider and new Accelerated Death Benefit Rider covering chronic illness.

LGA Low Term Rates

New Term Pricing: Effective October 14, 2019 
Give your clients the option to purchase simple, straightforward protection that can cover them into retirement and beyond.

Our competitive, guaranteed level term OPTerm series comes in durations of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years! Help clients customize their coverage and save money by stacking up to three Term Riders for 10, 15 or 20-years on top of their base policy. Contact your BGA today for a quote.

How to Help Clients Anticipate and Plan for Unexpected Life Events

Marriage, buying a house, and retirement are big life events that your clients will likely have planned for. However, other scenarios such as illness, divorce, and unemployment are more likely to catch clients by surprise. When you work with your clients to think about these less expected scenarios, you can help them stay on track with their long-term financial goals – and grow your business along the way.

Financial capability expert J. Michael Collins, financial psychology expert Susan Zimmerman, and advisor champion Jamie Hopkins explain why your clients may not be fully prepared to manage certain scenarios, how to tackle sensitive conversations, and how you can help your clients put flexible and resilient plans in place. Talk to your BGA today.

SecureCare Universal Life

SecureCare — A powerful long-term care solution

Freedom and flexibility within reach

SecureCare Universal Life (SecureCare), a permanent life insurance policy with cash indemnity long-term care (LTC) benefits issued by MINNESOTA LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, can help protect your clients’ income and assets from costly health care expenses.

SecureCare is an LTC solution your clients can count on for:

  • Cash indemnity LTC benefits
  • Multiple premium payment options
  • Reduced paid-up benefit1
  • Four inflation protection options
  • Streamlined underwriting
  • Potential to deduct LTC premiums
  • Most robust international benefits in the industry2

Nationwide CareMatters®: Quick Quote

Nationwide CareMatters offers clients coverage for long-term health care with the financial protection of life insurance and the flexibility of benefit use. Unused monthly benefits can be saved in a personal checking or savings account for use in the future. Contact your BGA today to learn more.

Critical Illness Benefit Rider

Is your client eligible for the John Hancock Critical Illness Benefit Rider.

The combination of a John Hancock life insurance product and the Critical Illness Benefit rider offers a cost-efficient way for your clients to better protect their financial future. However, some clients may not be eligible for the rider from a health perspective, even if they might otherwise qualify for the life insurance policy. Contact your BGA to learn more.


If you aren’t currently selling IUL, you may not be aware of its many similarities to GUL. IUL is permanent, easy and guaranteed. Find out how it works and cross the bridge to IUL – it could be a better solution for your client (and for you). Your BGA can help.