Principal Life Online

The results are in — eDelivery & eSignature save you and your clients time!

  • 63% of eligible policies have been eDelivered.
  • 86% of those eDelivered have also been eSigned.
  • Time to complete delivery (median days):
    ? Policies eDelivered and e-Signed = 6 days
    ? Policies eDelivered but not e-Signed = 14 days
    ? Policies printed and mailed = 21 days

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Lincoln LifeElements Term

Back on April 22, 2019, Lincoln announced pricing
improvements to Lincoln LifeElements® Level Term (2017) which will
improve competitive positioning in key cells.
Lincoln LifeElements® Level Term offers both a traditional paper
application process and a streamlined Tele-App process for electronic
and paper ticket submissions.

Top 3 Application omissions

Other than waiting for the completed paramedical exam and labs, below are
the 3 Most Common Application Omissions and their prevalence among
cases in that status:

  • Missing Driver’s License
  • HIPAA Authorization not received
  • Agent Report Not Received

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15% higher placement rates for life insurance applications

In the last 3 years, Securian launched and refined their WriteFit Underwriting program and many agents are loving it! Underwriting decisions in as little as 24 hours¹ – and a 15% higher placement rate.²

When cases get issued more quickly, good things can happen:

  • You get paid sooner
  • Your clients get their coverage sooner
  • It’s easier to manage clients’ expectations

Less apologizing for Attending Physician Statements (APS) wait times or paramed exams, contact your BGA to learn more.

Delivering affordable coverage has never been easier

Spring is almost here — and that’s not the only good news. We’re kicking off the season with new ways to make it simpler to do your job, including:

  • Reduced Term rates. Effective April 1, you can offer clients even lower Principal Term rates for many ages and risk classes. View the transition guidelines to learn more.
  • Accelerated underwriting enhancements. In the coming weeks, we’ll unveil updates to our popular Principal Accelerated UnderwritingSM program, making it even more competitive.

Principal Life Online features that make your job easier. We’re always working to issue policies more quickly — helping your clients get coverage sooner and you get paid faster.

Offer clients a simplified retirement income solution

The Power of 3 from Principal® simplifies using life insurance for death benefit protection and supplemental retirement income. Here’s how it works:

  1. Offer fast and easy coverage with Principal Accelerated UnderwritingSM.
  2. Choose from a diverse line-up of accumulation-focused products.
  3. Benefit from our automated income process that makes the distribution phase hassle-free.

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