Updated Underwriting Field Guide and reminder of recent improvements

The Legal & General America underwriting team is always looking for ways to responsibly improve how we evaluate risk and ultimately help more customers get the affordable coverage they need. We recently communicated improvements in these areas:

  • Marijuana use now considered for non-tobacco rate classes
  • EIRs replacing all IRs
  • Visa and Green Card considerations

For more details on these improvements, please contact your BGA

Principal Accelerated Underwriting Program Enhancements

Last March, we introduced temporary underwriting guidelines to use with our Accelerated Underwriting (AU) program. They enabled us to underwrite more of your clients on a non-examination basis by using digital health data from various sources, including the patient portal. I’m proud of how quickly and effectively we were able to implement the temporary guidelines. I believe it exemplified our nimble, experimental, and risk-aware approach. This experience also provided tremendous insights into the potential future capabilities of AU. We’ve used those learnings to establish new AU guidelines outlined below that will allow more of your clients to benefit from this innovative program.

New AU program guidelines effective Feb. 15, 2021, contact your BGA today for more details 

The Swift Switch

Learn how Nationwide® Intelligent Underwriting was used to help get this client approved for a more tailored life insurance option within hours while also reducing his premium costs and increasing his death benefit value. Contract your BGA today. 

Securian- Fast Underwriting for all of our clients

It’s been a crazy year, and our underwriters’ work environment looks very different than it has in the past, but since the start of COVID-19 we’ve maintained our service standard of reviewing 95% of our case requirements in 24 hours or less.1

It doesn’t matter which underwriting path your clients choose, we are committed to providing great customer service, competitive decisions and fast underwriting.

Coverage Without Contact

Your prospects and clients may not know they can get the coverage they want and need while keeping their health and safety and that of family, friends and community in forefront.

  • Professional advice to make a plan to achieve their goals
  • Contact-free consultation*, application and policy delivery process
  • Top tier Annuity policies from National Life Group that build savings and provide lifetime income that can be started with as little as $100 a month
  • Top tier Life Insurance policies from National Life Group that protect against death PLUS provide benefits they don’t have to die to use


Why not help your clients get the life insurance protection they need without the invasive blood draws? You can offer your clients Transamerica LifetimeSM policies with face values up to $2 million.1
Fluidless underwriting can make the process of getting life insurance much easier for your clients. And Express Protect UnderwritingSM combined with the iGO e-App® could be a solution given the challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contact your BGA and learn more.