Keep offering your clients rate class upgrades through June

Principal is excited to announce an extension of the single-pay (formerly called limited-pay) underwriting program through June 2020! This means you can continue to offer your clients a one-rate class improvement on single-pay sales of select universal and indexed universal life insurance policies.

This is the same great program, with a couple of updates:

  • Policies must be single-pay only to qualify.

A signed quotation and/or illustration with coverage to at least attained age 90 must be submitted with the application. Contact your BGA today to learn more.

Securian WriteFit

WriteFit just got a little easier to understand

We’ve heard feedback that WriteFit is hard to understand or advisors are unclear on where their clients will land with WriteFit.  To help provide answers and build familiarity we’ve launched a WriteFit landing page.  Here’s what you and your advisors will see:

  • Scenarios that would be approved and not approved through WriteFit
  • An overview of the WriteFit process
  • Frequently asked questions and answers
  • And options to login to the financial professional site to view research or start an application

Contact your BGA today to learn more.

Underwriting without medical exams

See which clients fit into WriteFit-Securian
Underwriting without medical exams or blood tests may seem impossible, but it isn’t. Our WriteFit program1 uses an alternative approach to assess risk by taking into account several behavioral aspects. To help you better understand this approach and our WriteFit program, contact your BGA today.


How to Help Clients Anticipate and Plan for Unexpected Life Events

Marriage, buying a house, and retirement are big life events that your clients will likely have planned for. However, other scenarios such as illness, divorce, and unemployment are more likely to catch clients by surprise. When you work with your clients to think about these less expected scenarios, you can help them stay on track with their long-term financial goals – and grow your business along the way.

Financial capability expert J. Michael Collins, financial psychology expert Susan Zimmerman, and advisor champion Jamie Hopkins explain why your clients may not be fully prepared to manage certain scenarios, how to tackle sensitive conversations, and how you can help your clients put flexible and resilient plans in place. Talk to your BGA today.

Max Accumulator +

Get behind the wheel of our cash accumulation-focused IUL for clients focused on life insurance for protection, supplemental retirement income, and long-term wealth accumulation.

And now non-medical underwriting on qualifying cases provides a simpler, faster route to coverage and helps get your commissions paid faster! Contact your GA today for more details

Take the guess work out of insurable amounts

Have you ever had coverage amounts declined for clients you’re confident were justified?

Sometimes it’s not what you ask for – it’s how you ask…

Our new worksheets help you write good business – maybe better, and then communicate that value to underwriters. Our topics include individual and business insurance needs for:

Income replacement Charitable giving
Juvenile coverage Buy-sell arrangements

Contact your BGA today to learn more about AIG Financial Worksheets.

John Hancock Benefit Better

Take your small business benefit offerings to the next level

With unemployment rates at almost a 50-year low and a competitive labor market,* it can be challenging for small business owners to find ways to attract, retain, and reward talented employees.

John Hancock’s unique executive benefit featuring Vitality offers a comprehensive wellness component that rewards key employees for living a healthy life.

Learn more contact your BGA.